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Curated Music

Persona Business Music - Curated Music

On Hold Marketing & Communications provides more than just one music solution.

Choose from two Effective Streaming Music Options:

Curated Streaming Music (10 locations or more):

Music… the great motivator. It can energize you, relax or comfort you, spark a good memory or change your perspective. Persona Business Music will work with your branding team to create and curate customized streaming music that best reflects your brand. Is your brand “fresh” “genuine,” “cutting edge,” or “geared toward a younger demographic?” The music that fills your customer space has to reflect your brand and your target audience. The team at Persona Business Music will curate playlists that are appropriate for your vibe, demographic and your current branding. In addition, our day timing feature will allow us to design your streaming music so that it caters to the time of day. Let’s face it. Your customers want to relax in the morning and are more amenable to happy hour music at 5 p.m.

Blended Playlists (for less than 10 locations):

Persona Business Music designs playlists based on genre. We recognize that most companies, and people, enjoy more than one genre. The solution? Blended Playlists by Persona. Simply review our playlists and let us know your “blend.”

What is your Sound DNA?
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