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Financial Services / Financial Planning Professionals

Trust...Experience...Knowledge...How do you convey these qualities to your clients?
From investment to estate planning, trusts and a sound retirement strategy, the financial planning industry is more complex than ever. At On Hold Marketing and Communications, we will work with you to create an on hold message that focuses on the core philosophy of your practice.

For nearly 20 years, On Hold Marketing and Communications has provided on hold messaging services to the financial planning community. Our experience and accumulated knowledge put us in a unique position to serve your marketing needs.

Here are some important things to think about when designing your on hold marketing campaign:

What type of services do you offer for future lifestyle and family financial planning?

  • IRAs & Retirement Savings Plans for Individuals and Businesses
  • Estate or Legacy Planning
  • Small Business Retirement
  • Trust Management

What wealth management options can you provide?

  • Investment and Managed Portfolios
  • Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Annuities
  • Fixed Income Investments
  • Wealth Advisor
  • Charitable Giving
  • Borrowing Solutions
  • Cash and Spending Solutions
  • Debit Cards/Credit Cards
  • Checking/Savings Accounts

What services and guidance do you offer for college or higher education planning?

  • 529 Plans
  • Seminars
  • Consultation

What ancillary services can you promote?

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Tax Planning & Tax Services
  • Seminars on Retirement, Building Wealth

Outline the credentials of your staff:

  • Licenses, Degrees
  • Experience
  • Training
  • Noteworthy Accomplishments

Use this "on hold" opportunity to convince callers that they have made the right choice. Talk about:

  • Your Qualified and Courteous Staff
  • Convenient Location
  • Extended Hours

The Internet is often the first place people look when deciding on a Financial Planner. Be sure that your information and "reputation" are easily accessible.

Do you have a:

  • Website
  • Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google+ page
  • Blog

Please keep in mind that this industry-specific information is meant to be a guide.
Our capable script consultants will work with you to gather notes on your thoughts,
ideas and expectations of your On Hold Marketing program.

Please call us at 800.932.2175 to get started.