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Website Recordings - How It Works

Adding WebsiteRecordings to your website is simple, affordable and seamless. We will work with you every step of the way to create professional audio for your website. We do all the work. Here’s how easy it is to start using WebsiteRecordings.com:

Step 1: Professional Consultation

Our team will review your website and interview you to determine your website marketing goals. We will then present an outline demonstrating the best program for your marketing and branding needs.

Step 2: Scriptwriting

Once we have determined your website marketing goals and the pages that you would like to add audio narration to, our scriptwriters will create a website narration script for your review. We will complete all edits until you are fully satisfied.

Step 3: Voice and Music

We will review with you the corporate "persona" that you would like to project and accordingly help you select voice talent and music for your narration.

Step 4: Adding Audio to your Website

Once your recordings are completed, we will upload your recordings to our enterprise class servers. We will then provide you or your website designer with a "line of code" that will be cut and pasted to your existing website. There will be a "line of code" per recording. Once the code is cut and pasted into your website, our audio player will appear. This audio controller will allow the website visitor to pause or mute the player if they want to.

Step 5: Updates

An effective marketing program will require us to update the audio on some of your pages. No worries. Since we are hosting the audio portion of your website, we are able to update your website recordings without the assistance of your website designer.

Get started today.
Call us at 800-932-2175 and we will be glad to complete a free website evaluation. We will send you a proposal that outlines how we can affordably improve the effectiveness of your website.